What is the price of switching to electric cars?
Millions of European workers are concerned about their prospects due to the unpopularity of cars with ice, because their production will be reduced, and at the same time will decrease…

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Buy or not buy electric cars after commercial use
New electric cars, though falling in price faster than expected, but still remain quite expensive. Therefore, for the Ukrainian buyer, the alternative is the purchase of electric vehicles with mileage,…

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What can France tell the world about selling electric cars?
France plans to ban fossil-fuel-powered cars by 2040, and Paris has said it will ban them by 2030. However, only 2% of all cars sold in France in 2018 were…

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Tesla Model S and X were created a long time ago, but they continue to be the standard of electric vehicles

“There will be no updates to Model X or Model S, only a number of minor current changes” — this short statement by Elon Musk caused a storm of gloomy emotions among Internet users.

“It’s like planes,” said Rebecca Lindland (Rebecca Lindland) from rebeccadrives.com, Model S and Model X were created a long time ago, but they continue to be the standard of electric vehicles. Lindland believes that the car is a commodity, not a subject of self-expression, so over time customers will notice increasingly long gaps between model upgrades, especially when it comes to self-driving car parks owned by corporations rather than individuals, so it is likely that cars will no longer be fashion.Safety is one of the important factors for Tesla electric car owners, and the brand’s electric cars are still getting all the stars in the NHTSA ratings. IIHS scores are also among the best. The Model S has been on sale since 2012, and it looks pretty much the same today as it did then.

Do electric cars really have to be completely redesigned?
Model S/X and Model 3 will be the most popular vehicles in the future compared to the more popular brands of electric vehicles. For the person who wants to show their position on the road, Tesla electric cars are the perfect vehicle. However, not everyone can appreciate their high cost. In addition, without a thorough sales strategy, the announcement of a new model can instantly kill the sale of the existing range.

Many do so in the automotive industry
Tesla isn’t the only automaker maximizing the life of their projects. Fiat Chrysler has a long list of cars that debuted before 2010 and are still on sale as 2019 models. For example, Jeep Grand Cherokee has not changed much since 2012, and its beginning goes deep into 2005.

Lindland noted, “something new doesn’t mean it’s good.” People continue to buy a product that has been produced for a long time, because it meets their needs, desires and likes.

As noted by Sam Abuelsamid, chief analyst at Navigant Research, Tesla is constantly making changes to the equipment during production. While updates can add new features and capabilities, these changes aren’t always compatible, and Tesla isn’t always good at documenting what’s on any particular car, complicating maintenance and creating uncertainty for customers.

When you’re in the future, you don’t have to be a slave to the past
Model year changes and full modernization are not as important as you can imagine. Yes, sometimes standards and technology are forced to produce a new platform for cars, but Tesla has not yet reached this point. Electric cars continue to show good safety performance and acceleration. The thrill of driving continue to cause rave reviews. Batteries, battery management software, electric motors, and battery management software are probably the best in the electric vehicle industry. In many ways, Tesla is second to none of its competitors. The brand’s electric cars are constantly updated with software changes, and there are many changes and improvements that Tesla can make without resorting to a new platform.

The manufacturer needs to optimize each part of the costs
Developing a new model is expensive. Tesla probably can’t afford it now, as the company is focused on manufacturing and supplying Model 3. Market saturation and declining demand are an impending problem that Tesla may already be suffering from.

Model 3, X and S are built on different platforms, which is expensive and inefficient in terms of the automotive industry. If you take other automakers who produce cars more efficiently on a much larger scale, they create a single platform on which all models can be based, even on a single Assembly line. This kind of platform development is where older automakers have the advantage. They are fixated on the fact that the cars were profitable. Until there is a real need to create a new platform for an electric car, Tesla can continue to produce (and actually sell) the products it has to amortize the cost and possibly eventually achieve a stable profit. Meanwhile, the company uses some elements in all of its products where possible, one of the most recent changes is the use of the model 3 rear-wheel drive motor as the front-drive motor for the Model S/X, and the new Model Y is largely based on the Model 3.

“Tesla has done a very good job of building its power plant design, especially power electronics, which provides some advantage in efficiency,” says Abuelsamid. “As manufacturers like Jaguar and Audi are still struggling to match Tesla’s energy efficiency, they have yet to justify claims that they are Tesla’s competitors.”

As we move forward, most of the complaints about Tesla’s electric car obsolescence seem to come from people who don’t have them. In fact, many Tesla owners have more than one electric car company in their garages. If they didn’t complain about quality, delivery, and service issues, then they’re unlikely to be outraged that their Tesla electric cars are like other owners ‘ vehicles. In the end, the presence of electric Tesla indicates that you are in the club.

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