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Charging stations for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids ChargeU

Project ChargeU was founded in 2011, the Ukrainian market of German charging equipment presented in 2015. The appearance of a unique product from ChargeU, at the first specialized exhibitions Plug-in Ukraine and EcoDrive, aroused the interest of future users of electric vehicles. Compact portable charging stations with stationary power quickly gained popularity in Ukraine.

Charging infrastructure of Ukraine
In the absence of charging infrastructure, the first electric vehicles developed it for themselves and other users. For example, for the equipment of three places of charging (home, work, cottage) you will need 3 stationary charging cost about €800 each and a cable to connect to them cost €200-250, respectively, the total cost of the charging equipment will be €2400-2800.

In 2015, it became possible to achieve a similar result in Ukraine, using one portable station and installing only power connectors on Parking places. The total budget of the charging equipment will be €400-700. The popularity of portable chargeu charging stations has become apparent. Charging infrastructure developed more actively, including long-distance. Without investing a lot of money, cafes, restaurants, hotel complexes with the support of ChargeU installed connectors to which you can connect your station and enjoy the accelerated charging of the electric car. In order to promote high-quality European products in our market prices are understated by more than 25% of the recommended manufacturer (MSRP).

The fifth year of operation in the mass market showed less than 1% of appeals for warranty cases.

Features of portable chargeu charging stations
The line of charging stations is divided into series, which differ in power and form factor of the body. Each series has been separately developed by German engineers under the characteristics and conditions of their operation.
The degree of protection of the body allows you to use them in almost any weather. Its tightness is ensured by the absence of holes, buttons, switches and other external controls. The ultra-elastic multi-core cable of the highest class allows to transfer the big power at its similar section. The elasticity of the cable allows comfortable use of the stations at temperatures up to -32°C. the Cable does not support combustion, thus providing additional safety in the use of the charging station.

The manufacturer paid special attention to the safety of the user and the car. Stations have 2 parallel loop which correspond to the standard electric charging equipment IC-CPD.

Chargeu management and capabilities
From the first deliveries the product is localized for the countries of distribution. 3 languages are available for Ukraine — Ukrainian / English / Russian.

Each station has a unique access password specified in the warranty sheet. It is enough to enter the first time you connect to the device. This principle of connection protection allows you to limit the number of users of the equipment. Stations contain internal memory, remember user settings and do not need to be connected to them every time the electric vehicle is charged. Control is via Wi-Fi connection from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Up to 4 devices can be connected at the same time. Protected wireless control limits access to high-power equipment by children, animals or third parties. To connect does not require Internet access, management is available at a distance of 50 meters including closed underground Parking.

The main interface screen displays the status of the charging station, the power consumption from the available, the amount of power consumed and the charging session time. Below shows the status of the two circuits of protection against electric shock with protective grounding.

The following ChargeU station settings are available:
the choice of power calculation kWh;
the possibility of an emergency charging without grounding*;
switching off the housing light indication;
engineering mode;
select interface language;
energy meter with the ability to measure the power consumption for the period;
the total meter power consumption.
*for electric vehicles supporting this function

Portable charging station ChargeU multibase
Portable charging station ChargeU multibase © ChargeU

It is necessary to pay special attention to the additional functions of “Protection” and “Timer”.

In order to close access to the station it is necessary to transfer it to the “Blocked”mode. This feature is often used in stationary installations in open Parking lots. The owner has the opportunity to transfer access to the station to a separate group of users. A one-time charging session is included in one click from your smartphone. When disconnected from the electric vehicle, the station each time returns to the “Locked”mode.

The station timer controls not only the daily activation and deactivation of the station by time. It allows you to separately set the power for daily night timer charging and day precharge power outside the timer.

If you have an electric car with a small battery capacity (up to 30 kW/h), you have the opportunity to choose the minimum (optimal) power station for night charging and the maximum for fast charging during the day.

If you have an electric vehicle with a large battery capacity (more than 30 kWh), and on the line that you use other electrical devices, it is possible to set the maximum power for night charging (when you do not use electrical equipment). For day pre-charge it is possible to choose the admissible power for simultaneous use of electrical appliances. Thus, the timer function will not only simplify charging for owners of multi-tariff meters but also optimize the charging of your electric vehicle in your power supply.

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